Sunday, August 28, 2011

Honduras -day 1.

First impression of Honduras? First picture? Taken from a plane window. 
Green, all over  all the way till horizon. Rich green fields cut with soil brown or green canals.
Airport. I should have expect that. There is no Katia (my Honduran friend and guide).... 
This weird feeling of being abandon, stranded, is creeping upon me. Unknown place, no chance to communicate  with my limited Spanish (very limited ;) and no plan (since my plan was simply meet Katia ;)
This feeling of alienation is not only connected with language barrier. I can’t blend in this crow as well.
I look like Gulliver in Lilliput Land:)….I’m so sticking out not only because of obvious “gringo” look but because of my height.
Let give Katia 30 minutes of usual “Latina time” adjustment  before I officially pronounce myself “lost” ;)
Beside that, it’s good to be in Central America again!

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  1. Moments like these help us relate and interpret others better, good job braving it out. Hopefully "latina time" wasn't more then 30min. Look forward to more experiences :)